Investing with George Staffordshire Developments Ltd

Invest In Property and See Your Money Work For You

Make Your Money Work

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We are professional and seasoned developers offering private investors flexible interest rates and timescales

Cash Rich, Time Poor

We offer investors a hands off approach with regular project updates allowing you more time to do the things you enjoy whilst letting your money work for you

Bespoke Service

We realise that no two people are the same and will have different investment goals. Therefore we consult with each investor and offer tailored solutions based on what they want to achieve

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Knowledge, Skill and Professionalism

Our knowledge and skill lends itself beautifully for us to undertake new build developments, refurbishment and conversion projects.

We are experts in our field and can see value where others can't. There are many ways to make money from property, and we like to explore every possibility, with every deal we see, to make sure that we are doing right by us, our investors and the vendors.

We solve vendors problems and ensure investors receive great returns.

It has to be a WIN-WIN-WIN scenario.

George Staffordshire Developments Ltd are knowledgeable on buying strategies such as but not limited to outright cash purchases, option agreements, buy|refurbish|refinance, assisted sales, lease options and conditional agreements.

With every project we pose to our investors, we produce a professional 'Investors Pack' completely bespoke to that project and investor, outlining everything you need to know and most importantly the exit strategy. This gives full transparency from the offset and demonstrates how your investment and returns are to be repaid.

Investing With Us vs Bank Interest

With record low interest rates, investing with us gives your money a much better chance to grow than letting it sit in the bank.

Have you heard of 'The Rule of 72'?

Divide 72 by the rate of interest you are getting and that will give you the number of years it will take for your money to double in value.

So, an easy practical example to demonstrate...
At a rate of 1% in the bank your money will take 72 years to double in value, at 8% it will be just a mere 9 years.

Food for thought...?

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Exceptional Property Developments

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Our Investment Criteria

Earn Money With George Staffordshire

To be considered for an investment partnership with George Staffordshire Developments, you must meet the following criteria;

  • Be able to self certify as being a High Net Worth Individual or sophisitcated investor
  • Understand that property is an illiquid investment
  • Be able to invest funds for at least 12 months, although some flexibility can be considered on certain projects

For any further information, or to answer any questions you may have, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Investments are not FCA regulated
Investments made at your own risk


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