Unfortunately, due to the nature and scale of the building projects undertaken by large scale national builders, you can find that some properties are fraught with issues. As we are a local family run business, we give our everything to each and every project and are meticulous when it comes to the details of a property. With each development we ensure our properties look as good on the outside as they do inside, whilst requiring minimal maintenance and maintaining maximum quality over time.

Your home should always feel comfortable, and that is what we deliver. We pride ourselves on our quality and master workmanship and work towards providing you with the home you always dreamt of having. To coincide with our quality standards, we also offer a professional new-build snagging service.

Builders On Top Of Each Other On Levels Of Scaffolding

What building & development services do we offer?

As well as the construction of new build houses, we operate an extensive line-up of building services, which is inclusive of, but not limited to;

  • bricklaying
  • roofing
  • groundworks
  • plumbing
  • electrics
  • plastering
  • carpentry
  • underfloor heating

If you seek a service that isn’t listed above, we may be able to help so don’t hesitate to get in touch and ask the question!

Many of our developments benefit from multiple services, and as we are in a central location in Evesham, Worcestershire, we can offer these services to property developments or refurbishments across the entirety of the West Midlands. We only utilise the highest grade materials, and thanks to outstanding supplier relationships and buying power in the industry, we are able to provide these at fantastic rates, so you can save some money while you’re getting the best of the best.

What does a Snagging Survey cover?

A snagging survey is designed to check for problems with a new-build home. The best time to have a snagging survey done is the period between building work being finished and the legal completion date, meaning developers have time to rectify and issues. Snagging surveys cover and should pick up everything from minor issues. This could include reports such as a door that doesn't close properly a worktop with an uneven or damaged finish, to much more serious problems. These tend to be issues with the structure of a property.

Some of the most common issues picked up by snagging surveys, and some of the ones we see most tend to be with tiling not being solid or straight, skirting boards, uneven plastering and brickwork on the exterior of the property. If you want to know how to get a snagging survey, get in touch and we can arrange to have your new home checked. Uncover the secrets you weren't told about, with our snagging surveys.

Refurbishment and Renovation

Not only do we undertake new builds, but we also offer refurbishment and renovation services for those seeking to upgrade or add on to what they have already. We can offer extensions, garage builds and so much more. Whatever you are considering, give us a call and we can help you by talking through the process, offering our expert knowledge and advising on the best way to go about turning your vision into a stunning reality.

Our developments are individually crafted homes of distinction that are only ever designed to the highest of specifications. As a company, we are renowned for the subtle touches of class and quality workmanship we build into each and every project we undertake. At George Staffordshire, we go the extra mile, and are proud of everything we produce.

Here at George Staffordshire Developments Ltd, we are always on the look-out for future development opportunities so whether you think your land might have potential to become a building plot, or you already have planning permission in place, we would love to hear from you. You can inform us of any potential development opportunities here.


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