You can’t start anything without the correct foundations, and while that goes for everything in life, it is especially true for development projects. Whether it’s a new house, a garden shed or your driveway, your foundations must be adequate in order to carry out the work that you wish.

At the end of the day, they take all of the weight of everything on top, so they must be built to the absolute best standards. Foundations provide a platform for buildings so that brittle walls and floors do not separate when the house is built.

You may have noticed with some new build houses that are erected quickly, that they can begin to crack and create noticeable gaps in the interior, or exterior of a home. This can be avoided by having a solid foundation that takes the environment, ground and many other factors in to consideration.

Excellent Drainage Systems For New-Build Houses

As well as the foundations we build for new build houses, we are also experts in the installation of drainage systems for properties, and have worked on many a new build property, as well as fixing drainage systems in current properties.

Drainage is one of the first things to be completed in a build, with much of the construction that comes afterwards sitting on top of it, meaning that if the drainage system isn’t built to the highest standard and designed to withstand the rest of the construction, you’ll face some potentially extreme issues. Sometimes, new build houses can experience problems with the drainage system because there hasn’t been anybody in there to test them and put the pressure on the system. Because of this risk, we always make sure to use the best quality materials and do everything to the absolute maximum standard possible in order to make sure that the drainage system is up to the job.

Replace Your Old Driveway With A Beautiful New One

A New Build House With A block paved Driveway

Is your driveway looking a little bit worse for wear? We have undertaken many replacement driveway builds in order to bring the exterior of people’s homes back to life. A worn-down driveway can have a big impact on the appearance of a house, and a new one can transform it completely.

If you’re in need of driveway repair, or a completely new one, you can see some of our development projects, or get in touch for further details regarding this service!  There are many forms of driveway you could have installed, including but not limited to; Gravel, Brick, Block Paving, Concrete or perhaps even Asphalt. Whatever you desire, you can get in touch and have your driveway looking exactly the way you want it.

As a part of our driveway service, we also carry out work on approved dropped kerbs.

What is a dropped kerb?

A dropped kerb enables vehicles to cross the public pavement (footway) to access a private driveway. It allows safe, off-road parking and could add value to your property when you come to sell it. The council still owns the pavement where the dropped kerb resides, but you can apply to have permission to install one.

If this is something you require in order for easier access to your property, then get in touch with us using our contact form below and we can advise on the best procedure to achieve this.

New Build Brick Houses and brand new chippings driveways with a mercedes on the drive


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