At George Staffordshire Developments Ltd we undertake all kinds of projects for our clients. So, if you have a property in need of modernisation or full refurbishment, we can handle it all, from sourcing materials, carrying out the labour and handling all of the project management. We deliver the complete package.

Outstanding Renovations and Refurbishments Built By George Staffordshire Developments Ltd

Over time, buildings, homes and the rooms inside of them begin to wear down, as well as the appliances inside of them begin to wear down to a point they may not look as good as they used to, they don’t function as they should or maintenance is required due to damages.

Whatever it may be, our renovations and refurbishment service is top quality and utilised by both homeowners, landlords and businesses across Evesham, The Vale & The West Midlands.


We don’t limit ourselves to specific renovations or refurbishments, because we have such an extensive array of services and skill, we are able to carry out almost any project to the highest standard, bringing your property back to life, and better than ever.

If your property is in need of modernisation, or you want to increase your property’s value, then renovations and refurbishment may be the answer for you.

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How Renovations Increase House Value

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 It’s remarkable the difference that renovations can make to increase your property’s market value, from small jobs such as rewiring a property’s electrics or a feature window, all the way up to improving structural issues such as cracks or drops. Whatever it might be, from small jobs to large, they can have an impact, and we can do them.

Some ideas for increasing the value of your property include (but aren’t limited to);

  • Fixing structural issues such as a damp roof, rising damp, structural cracks, missing or damaged roof tiles or even cracked floors and slabs.
  • Updating the electrics if they are dated
  • Updating the plumbing to ensure full functionality
  • Adding in a new heating system if the old one is outdated
  • Considering a loft conversion, or adding an additional room
  • Replacing old windows with new ones, as double glazing is now considered standard
  • Kitchen & bathroom renovations can have a big impact on a property’s value
  • Installing a garage for vehicles or storage
  • Garden makeovers make a difference to the market value and provide a beautiful scene for prospective buyers to look at as many consider gardens when purchasing

All of these jobs are jobs that we can carry out and have done countless times.

How much do renovations & refurbishments cost?

 This is a question that gets asked frequently but can be quite difficult for us to answer for one simple reason. A refurbishment could be as small as replacing cupboard doors in a kitchen, all the way up to a complete renovation of the said kitchen, for example. However, often it isn’t quite as expensive as people perceive it to be.

With that in mind, in order for us to give accurate information, it is worth dropping us a line using our contact form below, or by calling us on 01386 48352. If you are able to provide details of what it is that you want to achieve, we can give accurate quotes and pricing in order to help you budget for your renovation.

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